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Easily create a listing and reach the right audience.

Reach thousands of active airplane buyers

Over twenty thousand unique visitors visit PlaneBoard every month! 90%+ of visitors are in the United States or Canada. Many visitors reach PlaneBoard from search engines because they are actively looking to purchase an aircraft. All new listings are also shared with our audiences on Facebook and Twitter accounts and featured on our homepage.

Listings look great and work well on mobile devices

Pilots love their gadgets and many have iPads and smart phones. PlaneBoard works and looks just as good on mobile - other sites don't. Reach your potential buyers on whichever device they are using. You can also upload unlimited high quality images to present your aircraft in the best light.

It's free, easy and takes just a few minutes

Listing on PlaneBoard is easy and completely free - just register, put in your listing details and upload images. We also integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive, Flickr and other services to make image upload easy.

"I sold my 1962 Bonanza N1500S today thanks to your web site. I am very impressed with the results my ad generated on your site. Thank you!!"

- Kevin O. from New Jersey

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