Why should I list my aircraft on PlaneBoard?

Listing your aircraft on PlaneBoard is a great idea for many reasons. PlaneBoard is setup to present your listing in the best possible light - we allow many photographs and your listing will look good on desktops, tablets and phones. We provide you tools such as a PDF generator, analytics and messaging that help you sell your aircraft. We respect your privacy and will display your phone number only with your permission and have a private messaging system for correspondence between buyers and sellers.
Also, it's really easy and takes less than a few minutes to register and list!

How much does it cost to post a listing?

Adding a listing and all features on PlaneBoard are completely free.

Where should I send my comments or questions about the site?

You can email us at chris@planeboard.com, tweet us at @PlaneBoard or use our contact form. We really appreciate your feedback and will try to get back to you the same day!

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