1967 Beechcraft C55 Baron FOR SALE: Beechcraft Baron 95-C55

Price (in USD)
Total Time
5,074 hrs
283 (R)
283 (L) hrs
IFR Certified
Located in Kingman, AZ, US.

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This airplane has excellent visual appeal and defies its forty six years of age. There are a small number of plastic/fiberglass fairing cracks or chips. Wing root seals are in good shape and there are some places where the edges are weathered. All glass has been weather sealed w/ Pro-Seal or PRC type sealant. Landing gear in very good condition and is absent of the typical finish abrasion. Tires are in good shape w/ approximately half tread life and no notable deterioration. The aircraft is in overall very good condition. It does not have any hail dent. Aircraft has always been in a hanger. The aircraft maintenance has been excellent. Aircraft records are very well organized, neat and easily read. A well organized three ring binder contains all the AD compliance logs, original and updated weight and balance recorded, original and updated equipment lists, Form 337's, STC Certificates and other general information.

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Leonard Helco

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Factory New 2007
Teledyne Continental Motors
Left Engine: S/N 830982-R ETT:283
Right Engine: S/N 830983-R ETT: 283

Hartzell New 2007
Left Prop: S/N EB6394B Model: PHC-C3YF-24F 3 blades TTP: 283
Right Prop: S/N EB6387B Model: PHC-C3YF-24F 3 blades TTP: 283

Auto Pilot - Brittain Model: B5
DME - Narco DME 190
GPS - Tracor/Trimble Model: TNL-2000
Marker Beacon/Audio Panel: Narco Model: CP135
Nav/Comm Michel/TKM Model: MX11
Narco NAV 121 & NAV 122
Stormscope BF Goodrich/3M Model: WX 10A
Transponders Narco Model: AT 150
Dual Controls Yoke
Stall Warning
Rotating Beacon
Taxi Lights
Nav Lights

The paint looks excellent with the wet look of urethane paints. The
appearance looks much newer than the thirteen years of age suggests.

The interior is very good looking in wine and gray colored seating and
side panels to closely match the exterior. The third and fourth passenger seats are partially done
in leather. The Pilot and Copilot seats are in color scheme matching fabric. The fabric seats
match the interior side panels. The carpet is done in dark gray and the headliner is a pleasing
medium tan cloth. The seat belts and shoulder harnesses are in a light colored wine and blend
well with the color scheme. Overall, the interior is in good condition, with no major tears or

Gross Weight: 5,300 lbs
Empty Weight: 3,530.4 lbs
Useful Load: 1,769.6 lbs
CG: 77.07”
Long range fuel 142 gallons
Factory Oxygen w/ subsequent modification to larger capacity 114 cubic foot bottle
Nose Taxi light
Prop Anti Ice (alcohol)
Pitot Heat
This aircraft is in overall very good condition. It does not have any hail dents. There is no major
damage history and it possesses extremely good looks.
The airplane has had good maintenance and it appears that all reported or discovered issues were corrected in a timely manner. The maintenance has been primarily through periodic inspections, mostly annuals and 100-hour inspections.

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